Tupitza & Kalia, P.C. to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

01 Dec

December 1, 2017  Tupitza & Kalia, P.C. announce that as of today clients will be able to pay their bills (but not make deposits to escrow), using Cryptocurrency.  The firm will accept payment in BitCoin (BTC)Ethereum (ETH) and Electroneum (ETN).

  BitCOINEthereum  Electroneum


Why are we doing this?  First, we have many clients who have “invested” in cryptocurrencies and are looking for a way to use those currencies.  This does not mean we endorse “investing” or “speculating” in currency markets.  It simply means we are willing to accept payment in other currencies.    Second, we have many clients who have just, or are about to move to, or invest in the United States.  Their funds are not in dollars.  It is easier sometimes to convert from yuan, rupees riyal or rials to BitCoin than to dollars.


We have an automated, secure, system for accepting credit card payments.  We are developing the same system for cryptocurrency to enable payments in over 75 altcoins.  Until it is developed, clients wishing to pay in these three alternate currencies will request a link to our account.  We will provide a QR code as well as written out address.  Upon receipt, we will credit the bill for the exchange value at the time of payment.


There are many people that believe cryptocurrency is a fad and will go away.  There may be a bubble in value ( One BitCoin was worth $35 in 2011, and at this moment it is trading at over $10,000), and the bubble may burst.  However, a significant number of commercial transactions are occurring in Cryptocurrency because of its security and de-centralized record keeping.  New currency such as Electoneum are designed to be mobile and consumer friendly because they operate on a cell phone platform.  Check out this article written for lawyers:   BLOCKCHAIN FOR LAWYERS