Disputes are inevitable.  Fortunately many disputes are able to be amicably resolved.  When disputes spawn litigation, it takes an experienced team of lawyers to either chart the path to settlement, or to bring the case to trial. The path to settlement is paved with trial preparation.  Plaintiffs decide to settle disputes, not on the basis of what they have to gain, but rather, based on what they have to lose.  Our core team of lawyers has tried cases in countless Federal and State trial courts.  Our experience in litigation covers numerous areas, including, but not limited to the following:

Professional Malpractice, Premises Liability. Products Liability Defense

The defense of individuals and companies who have been sued for malpractice, premises liability, mold and products issues has been the emphasis of two members of our Litigation Department.  Between these two lawyers there is over 60 years of hard fought experience.  Much of this historically was Defense Work is through appointment by insurance companies. In the past ten years most cases have involved representation of the claimant.  We have handled a wide range of cases, many of which were significant victories.

Real Estate Litigation

Our real estate litigation experience runs from boundary disputes, litigation over “stolen homes,”  failure to disclose litigation in residential sales, title claims, mold and toxic substance litigation, environmental issues, resolution of title disputes and real estate licensee malpractice.

Business Litigation

Businesses are formed and unfortunately they fall apart.  We are experienced in disputes between shareholders and partners.


Our lawyers are admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States, various federal Courts of Appeals and all the appellate courts of Pennsylvania.  We have successfully handled cases before the Court of Appeals (3rd Circuit), Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Superior Court of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court.
Expert Witness
Mr. Tupitza is often called to render expert opinions in connection with litigation.  He has rendered opinions on the following topics:  1) marketability of real estate titles, 2) standard of care – title insurance agent, 3) standard of care – commercial and residential real estate agents, 4) quality of oil and gas titles, 5) deed restrictions, 6) easements and more

Mediation ADR (alternative dispute resolution)

Mr. Tupitza is a trained ADR mediator and a member of the Pennsylvania Council of Mediators.  He is particularly adept at mediating disputes involving real estate and title insurance related issues, because he is a continuing legal education (CLE) course planner, author and speaker in real estate issues from residential housing failure to disclose claims to complex title and lien priority issues.

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