Adverse Possession

23 Aug

1.  ELEMENTS          A claimant must prove actual, exclusive, visible, notorious, distinct and hostile possession of the land continuously for 21 years. 2.  STATUTORY BASIS       The statutory basis for adverse possession is 42 Pa. C.S. § 5530, which provides that an owner is barred from commencing an action for the possession of real property after 21 […]

Deed Out of Estate – Should I use a quitclaim deed?

11 Apr

QUESTION:     Should a decedent’s estate administrator use a quickclaim deed to transfer estate property to himself before transferring to heir.  Administrator does not want to leave the property in the name of the decedent who died 7 years ago  {asked from Philadelphia} ANSWER:  Let me beak you question into parts.  1) your role as administrator […]