We try to peaceably resolve disputes but we are not afraid to let 6, 8 or 12 jurors, honest and true, end the fight.

Litigation between builders and home buyers is very common.  Also common are disputes arising from the failure of a seller to properly disclose the condition of a home being sold.  Boundary disputes between neighbors also generate considerable litigation.  We handle these matters.
We are experienced in stolen home, stucco and insulation issues and land locked property.  Stucco issues often spill over into mold problems.  We also have experience in toxic chemical contamination of homes.
One of our attorneys often teaches continuing education programs for other lawyers on the handling of these types of cases.
We represent defendants in  cases involving malpractice claims against real estate licensees and title insurance agents.  Several national title insurance companies appoint us to represent their insureds when title claims arise.  We handle many mechanic’s lien claims because our firm participated in writing the current Mechanic’s Lien Law.   We regularly try cases to a jury, to a judge without jury and we argue cases in appellate courts.

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