This past year, 2015, has been a trying year for property owners living near the existing Sunoco pipeline.  The line goes from Marcus Hook, Delaware County, PA to Washington County, PA.    The existing pipeline  carried products from the former oil refinery in Marcus Hook  to markets in the west.  It is being refurbished, as the Mariner East Project, to carry natural gas liquids to Marcus Hook.  The gas will be  for both domestic distribution and export from Washington County, PA.  It will cross the entire width of the state.

There are several problems.  The pipeline goes along existing easements or rights of way.  Sunoco needs more room for additional pipes. They need room for doing the work.  They need room for valves and safety equipment.  You will be offered a conservative payment to simply sign.  Of course the money will not be the big issue.  You should be concerned that they will take down trees and landscaping.  Historic features, such as stone walls and out buildings will have to go……….  You need to consult with an attorney to CONTROL the issue.  You will never stop the pipeline.  You may be able to control.

ACTION PLAN  Tupitza & Associates represents landowners

The company provides notice to property owners of work to be done on their properties to refurbish the  line, add a new line and/or add valves.  Attorney M. Bobbie Kalia, of this office has represented numerous property owners in negotiating additional compensation, and terms protecting property.  It does not matter where in Pennsylvania your impacted property may be, Ms. Kalia can help you.

If you have received a notice related to your property, sign nothing until you have consulted with an attorney experienced in dealing with pipelines. In most cases Ms. Kalia is able to increase the payment offered to you, secure terms to protect trees, landscaping, stone walls, etc. and have Sunoco pay her fee.   M. Bobbie Kalia 610-696-2600

Here are a few links to stories about the pipeline:       https://www.sstwp.org/DocumentCenter/Home/View/5442





Mariner East MapPipeline Map-  Mariner East Sunoco

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