Everyone in the title insurance industry recognizes that title insurance licensing exam training will be a hot topic this year. The PA Title Insurance Licensing Exam will be required of many in the industry.  This is driven by lenders and by the American Land Title Association’s Best Practices (http://www.alta.org/bestpractices/index.cfm )       James S. Tupitza announces that a new text book, designed to assist individuals preparing to take the PA Title Insurance Licensing Exam.  The new ALTA Best Practices create a new emphasis on licensing.

Go to this page for a brief sample:   https://tupitzalaw.com/title-ins-exam-study-guide    This sample is of the very difficult regulatory portion of the study guide.   This sample:  Sample Pages Real Estate   gives you a brief idea of the areas dealing with real estate law.

The new guide will provide a comprehensive, up to date, guide to the PA Title Insurance Exam.  It will also be a valuable desk guide to real estate and the title insurance industry.  It will include numerous forms and a copy of the Rate manual developed by the Title Insurance Rating Bureau of PA (TIRBOP). In addition to substantive material, it will include sample exams to assist individuals in preparation fro the PA Title Insurance Licensing Exam.  The book will be available separately or in connections with registration for a two day study program.


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