Zoning, Subdivision and Land Development issues are often complex and expensive.  We represent a variety of clients in theses matters,  including home owners, land developers, churches, commercial developers and conservation groups.  Here is an example of some of our work in this field:

    1) reresenting a land developer in seeking approval of home building lots;
    2) representing homeowners in three  that needed zoning approval for a pool, a deck or an addition;
    3) representing churches seeking to expand or build new facilities;
    4) representing a citizen’s group in Lancaster County, trying to balance the need for more housing with the desire to preserve farm land and open space;
    5) representing a group of English and Plain Sect farmers in Lancaster County in their effort to secure an Agricultural Security District, which will enable them to sell their development rights to the state and county;
    6) representing a commercial nursery which needed zoning approval to maintain its business;
    7) representing a homeowner fighting a riparian buffer ordinance that made his land worthless.

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