September 26, 2016, Delaware County, PA.   The Middletown (Delaware County, PA) Coalition for Community Safety is presenting an emergency application for an Injunction today to delay the vote by the Township of Middletown, in connection with the granting of easements to Sunoco Pipeline, LP (“SPLP”), for its Mariner East II pipeline.

The group is asking the court to declare Middletown Township Council’s failure to consider independence evidence of the safety of the Mariner East II pipeline, as a violation of the constitutional rights of Township residents and businesses.

The 19-page filing (with 83 pages of exhibits) represents that SPLP:

  1. told the Township Council that its new pipeline would be built 4222 feet away from a school when in fact it is 800 feet from the center of the school, and 650 feet from the playground;
  2. informed Council that has an excellent safety record when in fact publicly available information shows it has the worst safety record in the industry;
  3. fossil informed Council that he has an emergency evacuation plan, when in fact the plan does not provide a reasonable protocol consistent with the potential blast wave from an odorless, tasteless product being transported in the pipeline;
  4. falsely informed Council it has an emergency evacuation plan consistent with public safety when in fact it’s plan does not account for the fact that the liquids and gas that escape have no load or are invisible in our flammable with the smallest heat or electrical source and that the blast wave pack so much energy that catastrophic loss of life and property are inevitable;

The Delaware County Court will consider the matter today, prior to tonight’s township meeting.

Todays filings:  Petition   Exhibits 


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