Property Owners may be Holding the Bag

The sudden closure of Lehman Property Management may leave owners of 329 Harrisburg area properties holding the bag. They will be looking for their rents, their security deposits and more. The owner, Glenn Lehman suggests he “found irregularities” in the accounting process and then laid off 24 employees. That tells me lots of money is missing and he will play the delay game. If this was a small irregularity, those 24 people would be correcting everything and producing revised reports to the owners.

Property management companies are like brokerage companies. They must have a broker of record who supervises the conduct. Look elsewhere on the this web page and you will see we already sued that broker and collected $1M this year from her insurance company. We have 2 other cases pending.

Because this case will involve numerous small claims, the owners must band together and get a 150 car freight train on the tracks pursuing the broker and the company.

There is a private group in Facebook for victims of this company. Members of that group will be having a legal conference call Monday August 19 at 3 p.m.

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