Technology will keep us open and serving.

The health and safety of our clients and staff is our foremost concern during the Coronavirus Outbreak. We will continue to provide legal services, but not in the traditional, come in and meet with your lawyer, mode.

ALL client conferences will be conducted using phones or our video and document sharing technology. Here is how it will work:

— Mary will be available to answer the phones. She may be at her home, sitting at the kitchen table, but it does not matter. Our entire staff is equipped with phones that work over the internet (VOIP Phones). That is how they work in the office and they work equally well at home.

— We have the ability to create a Microsoft Teams® site for every client. What does that mean? First of all you do not need to buy anything. Of course, you will need a home computer with internet access. At the appropriate time we will send an you an invite to your team. You will be able to download the Teams® software free of charge. Within the site you will be able to upload documents and download documents from your file. You will be able to securely message us, with all messages encrypted end to end. If we schedule a conference with you, you will have the ability to have a video face to face meeting (or you may turn your camera off). The advantage of a video conference will be the ability to share documents and images appearing on both of our computer screens.

This will take some adjustment, but it is better than simply closing the doors. If you have questions, call us at 610-696-2600.

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