We have been receiving lots of questions concerning the Adelphia Gateway Pipeline.  I am going to try to print out and answer the most common questions.

  • Can I do something to stop this dead in its tracks?

ANSWER:   Negotiating protections for your property and securing an easement agreement, with these protections can be consistent with efforts to resist the pipeline. That being said, the Adelphia Gateway Pipeline is an existing pipeline being converted from oil products to gas.  This is an opportunity to get additional protections for your property that were left out of the old easement agreement.

  • What kind of protections do I need?

ANSWER:  Let’s pick a few easy ones.  Most easement agreements let the operator do anything they want to with your trees, landscaping and anything on the surface.  Most easements have  completely inadequate environmental indemnification language.  Most people do not realize that if a spill were to occur, under federal law, the property owner is a responsible party.  You do not want to be in a federal environmental law suit, and having to pay for your own lawyer for any reason.

  • Can I just do nothing?

ANSWER: You can, but you may lose out on an opportunity to add protections for your property.  Think of this an an opportunity to add some terms to the ancient easement that might actually benefit you.  You should take action early in the process.

  • Isn’t the old easement agreement good enough?

ANSWER:  The old easement went into place at a time when people just did not bother to negotiate the terms because they were told the language could not be changed.  It can be changed.  Remember gas is a much different product  from oil.  The risks are greater.

  • How much does this cost?

ANSWER:  In most cases we are compensated as a percentage of the funds we secure for you from the pipeline company.  This may be at no cost to you!

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