The Adelphia Gateway Pipeline is currently sending notices to property owners.  The letters deal with the re-tasking of the former pipeline from oil to gas.  Adelphia is using Western Land Services as its agent.  Think of Land Agents (Land Men) as advocates for the pipeline that are trying to sell you something.   DO NOT BUY WITHOUT COUNSEL. If you meet with them, make no decision on the spot.

Map of Pipeline

This pipeline impacts property owners in the Northampton County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County and Delaware County Pennsylvania.  Property Owners are receiving a letter stating:

  • “the ‘Adelphia Gateway Project’ will have minimal impact…..
  • “the right of way/easement agreement for your property may need to be updated…”

Should you just wait and see, or do something now?   Our experience with the Mariner East pipelines  leads us to conclude it is advantageous to negotiate a deal before the company falls back and just condemns the property.

Whenever a pipeline company wants to “update” an easement, this is your opportunity to do two things:  1) update the provisions of the easement that protect you, the property owner, and 2) receive compensation for the changed impact on your property.   Can you do this on your own?  Doing so is somewhat like “brain surgery — self taught.”   Pipeline lawyers handle pipeline issues, divorce lawyers handle….  you get what I mean.  The problem is that most property owners do not know what they do not know.

In most of these cases we are able to structure a fee arrangement that does not involve advancing fees (we get paid from the money we get for you).  We are available at no charge for meetings anywhere in the impacted counties.

The Pipeline has established an information page HERE.


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