On August 9, 2017 Pennsylvania DEP reached an agreement with Sunoco related to its Mariner East 2 pipeline.  Parties to the agreement included the Clean Air Council, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, and the Mountain Watershed Association, Inc. We have had numerous questions related to this settlement.

The settlement relates to HDD (Horizontal Direct Drilling) activities.  Sunoco will perform a re-evaluation of 41 HDD locations. These include locations along North Pottstown Pike, Swedesboro Rd., Chester Road and Bowtree Drive in Chester County, as well as Gradyville Rd., and Valley Road in Delaware County.  Sunoco will also re-evaluate HDD site which have resulted in inadvertent returns .

A critical element of the settlement is a requirement that Sunoco identify all landowners within 450 feet of any HDD bore. Each of these landowners will have an opportunity to have their water supplies sampled before during and after the start or restart of HDD operations. Each of these landowners will be given 10 days notice before operations begin or read start. Certain other landowners will be given 72 hours notice of the commencement of activities.

A Water Supply Assessment, Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency Plan has been developed and is available for download here.  (It is 630 pages so it takes a while to download)

Tupitza & Kalia monitor activities of pipeline companies across the state and regularly represent landowners when their interests clash with pipeline operators.

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